Planned Giving Gift Options 


BEQUEST: If you are satisfied that you have considered the well-being of your family and friends, you may choose to include a charitable gift to Modesto Symphony Orchestra in your will.  If important changes occur in your life, you can always modify your will according to your situation.

A charitable bequest continues to be one of the easiest and most common way to make a charitable gift.  You can also bequeath an amount or percentage of your assets to the charities of your choice, including Modesto Symphony Orchestra. 

·    Specific bequest (a fixed amount or identifiable asset);

·    Residual bequest (all or a percentage of the remainder of the estate after the payment of debts and specific bequests);

·    Designating a charity as contingent beneficiary in the event of death of the primary beneficiary;

 CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST: allow you to donate to a charity and receive income from the donated assets during your lifetime. When you die, the charity receives the remaining assets.

GIFT OF RETIREMENT ASSETS/IRA ROLLOVER:  You can direct funds from your IRA or other retirement account directly to Modesto Symphony Orchestra

APPRECIATED SECURITIES:  if you own appreciated stock and gift it to Modesto Symphony Orchestra, you may receive a charitable tax deduction and also may avoid capital gains tax. 

REAL PROPERTY:  A gift of real property to Modesto Symphony Orchestra may also allow you to receive a charitable deduction and avoid capital gains tax. 

Structure a gift that meets your personal goals and creates your vision –one that aligns with Modesto Symphony Orchestra’s –to enrich lives through music and foster lifelong music education and appreciation.

For any of the above gifts, there may be tax advantages, but you are encouraged to consult with your tax advisor on how this gift can benefit both you and Modesto Symphony Orchestra.  If you have questions or wish to inquire further on other ways to give, please call Carole Richard, JD, CFRE at 209-523-4156, ex. 107.

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