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Make a Difference with the MSO!

Volunteering at the Modesto Symphony Orchestra is a meaningful and significant form of philanthropy. Giving your time and sharing your passion demonstrates an invaluable expression of support for the MSO. Your involvement allows you to make a profound impact on your community. By participating in any of the MSO’s volunteer opportunities, you help the institution sustain the music and support the essential education and community programs that heighten the cultural vitality of our city.

If you are interested in hands-on volunteer experience and would like to meet others with similar interests, we have a place for you. Our volunteers are active members of our community who financially support the Orchestra. We know you will find the right fit for your interest, time, and talent to support the Modesto Symphony Orchestra.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact Erin Nishimori at enishimori@modestosymphony.org for inquiries about volunteering with the MSO.